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Welcome to the VanCert Blog where we will keep you posted on all new updates, tips and industry related news.

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Recent blog posts

Posted on in General

VanCert is happy to announce that you can now generate 4 commercial gas certificates via the mobile app on iPad & iPhone. These are: Non Domestic Gas Installation Safety Record, Commercial Catering, Testing and Purging & Plant Commissioning & Service Record.

Commercial Gas on Android will be arriving in due course. For any further information, please contact VanCert customer support on 0333 207 0037 or by emailing info@vancert.com.    



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Posted on in General

The Oil module is now available on all Android devices. Oftec registered engineers can now create all their domestic oil certification via the VanCert mobile app across all Android and iOS devices.

If you or one of your engineers needs to create Oil Certification, just ensure that oil is activated in your company settings, and on the engineer profile. You’ll need to enter your Oftec registration numbers and then you’re good to go.

For any further information, please contact VanCert customer support on 0333 207 0037 or by emailing info@vancert.com.



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Castle Point Heating have now been using VanCert for over 10 months. Here is a short interview with Gas Manager Chris Falkus on the problems they were facing, and how VanCert has enabled them to overcome them.

"We were previously using an old Sharepoint software to manage our operations, and phoning jobs through to Engineers. When a tenant called in, we couldn’t easily find their property and job information.” explained Chris.

“We were also experiencing problems with paperwork, namely the loss of it and paperwork turning up in dog ends. We have to produce document packs for our Housing Association clients, containing Risk Assessment’s, CP12’s, and Boiler Commissioning Checklists etc. and send them off within 7 days, and so if we missed the deadline, a 60 day payment would turn into a 90 day payment.”


Posted on in General

New to VanCert this month are some additional job statuses available on the VanCert administrative portal to help office staff to better manage the jobs which are coming through the system. These statuses are designed to help manage the process from job scheduling, to following up on incomplete works and finally marking jobs as closed and requiring no further attention.

The three new statuses are: Unconfirmed, Further Works & Closed. These statuses can be updated by the administrator from the job page, and will each have a unique colour on the wall planner, making each instantly recognisable. Below you will find a description of each:

Unconfirmed: This status is designed to help administrators with future planning, allowing them to populate engineer timetables in advance, even if a job has not been 100% confirmed by the customer. Rather than leave the job in the unassigned tab until confirmed, it can be assigned in an engineer’s diary, but will stand out as a different colour until confirmed and the status changed to ‘Assigned’. This is designed for future planning and jobs should be either cancelled, rescheduled or confirmed prior to the job date as the jobs will still be visible to engineers.

Further Works: This status is used to identify when a completed visit by an engineer is not 100% complete and requires further works to finish the job. If an engineer marks a visit as requiring further works when closing down the initial job, it will appear this way to the administrator on the web portal. Once the work is complete, the administrator can update the status from the admin system to completed or closed.

Closed: This status is used by administrators to mark a completed visit as ‘Actioned’ or ‘Closed’. Essentially this means that they have reviewed the job, carried out any necessary actions (such as sent the documentation or generated the invoice), and marked it as needing no further action. This will mean different things to different organisations depending on your internal processes.


Our next Customised Certificates available from VanCert is the Annual Solar Thermal Equipment Service Certificate which is now available for all VanCert customers.

In November we announced the launch of our Customised Certificates which allows customers the ability to have bespoke certificates and documents programmed into the system and available for engineers to generate digitally from their devices.

You can read the full blog here Bespoke Certificates are now available from VanCert.

Annual Solar Thermal Equipment Service

Regular maintenance of Solar Thermal Equipment is key to ensuring a system is achieving maximum performance.


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