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Welcome to the VanCert Blog where we will keep you posted on all new updates, tips and industry related news.

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What is job management software and what can it do for my business?

There are lots of job management systems, Apps and tools on the market to help you manage your business operations; some generic, some more comprehensive and some specialist for specific industries/trades such as Heating, Plumbing, Oil, Electrical, General Trade, Property Maintenance etc.

In this Blog I will try to explain what a job management system is, how it can benefit your business, and the basic functions it should cover.

What is a Job Management System?

A job management system is a computerised platform used to organise and manage a mobile workforce to optimise operational efficiency and performance. Some also enable you to manage the finance side of your business (quotes, invoices, job sheets, reporting & costs/expenses against jobs etc.) and provide you with a customer database/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to help you manage your customer interactions and communications.

Job Management systems are used by a variety of organisations and can help anyone with field based operatives or engineers. If you are in the Property Management, Facilities Services industries, you may only require one that handles 'General Trade' such as Plumbers, Painters, Tilers, Roofers, Carpenters, etc. If you also have Gas Engineers, Oil, Electrical, Water, etc. you will need a job management system that also produces certificates.


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Individual Job and Service Reminders

One of the most popular features on our system for Pro users is the ability to send out reminders to tens or even hundreds of your clients in one go, with just a few clicks. Reminding all of your customers by SMS, Email or letter that their appliances are due an annual service by the end of next month is an easy and fast way of generating more repeat business, building customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Equally, reminding all of your customers that you are coming the next day has proven over and over again to increase access rates and reduce wasted time and money.

You can now do this on an individual level, meaning that as soon as you come off the phone with a customer after booking their repair, you can send them a notification by SMS, Email, letter – or all three – so they have record of the appointment as soon as it’s been booked. This way they are far more likely to remember and get it in their diary.

Appointment reminders are sent from the job page, and service reminders are sent from the property page (see the image below). Just choose the template you want to send, and the system does the rest - personalising the messages to your individual clients. Also, whenever you send a reminder, a record is always saved in the note pad at the bottom of the page, meaning you know exactly when you have sent a reminder and to whom.

Your clients will love this new feature, and so will you! If you require any more information on this, just get in touch with customer support.


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At VanCert we are always looking to develop our software with additional features to benefit our users. We have a well-defined development roadmap over the coming year which will take our software from strength to strength.

In this blog we’d like to give you an overview of all of the great new features you can expect over the coming weeks, and will be providing one blog every week where we explain each of the features listed in more detail so you know how you can take advantage of them in your business.


Here is a list of new and upcoming features on VanCert which are either available now or dropping in over the coming few weeks. Below you can find more about the first new feature, and the rest will follow over the coming weeks.

1. Engineer Events (Available Now)

Property Maintenance Company DCL (UK) Ltd choose VanCert  Job and Engineer Management Software to support business growth


DCL (UK) Ltd based in Leatherhead, Surrey, are a Property Maintenance & Display Design & Installation Company servicing South East England & South West London. Their Property Maintenance arm supplies Domestic, Commercial, Retail & Industrial clients with a comprehensive range of services including Plumbing & Heating, Electrical & PAT Testing, Refurbishment, Maintenance Packages, and Internal & External Decorating etc.


Founded in 2004, DCL (UK) Ltd has grown steadily over the past 12 years and its Directors have aspirations to grow the business further in the future. Over the years, an increase in the number of jobs coming in, combined with a growing number of engineers to manage uncovered issues with their internal processes and were ultimately affecting the speed at which the business was able to grow.

As well as being frustrating for everybody concerned, lots of time was being wasted on administration tasks by both engineers and office staff. This resulted in less jobs being booked in per day, very high fuel expenses, missed billing and strained relationships with engineers due to mis-communications and errors in documentation and job sheets.

7 Ways to schedule more jobs with less (or the same) engineers…

Everyone with field-based engineers wants (and needs) to maximise their utilisation. No matter what industry you are in, if your engineers aren’t completing enough jobs per day/week/month, you are limiting your ability to increase revenue and grow your business.

Here are 7 ways to make sure you are maximising the utilisation of your engineers, every day:

1. Stop making them come into the office

Unnecessary trips to the office are a killer for more reasons than one. Firstly, it really annoys engineers when they have to travel miles to the office in order to get their jobs, deliver paperwork (usually late), and maybe run through the week's work. Not only is it annoying it’s a complete time waster for everyone involved.

As well as the fuel expenses that can be completely eradicated, in the time they are in the office, they could be completing one more job per engineer and your office staff could be spending that time to schedule further work or generate more new business.


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