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Welcome to the VanCert Blog where we will keep you posted on all new updates, tips and industry related news.

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Recent blog posts
Gas Safe Research – 8 Million older people are at risk this winter from unsafe gas appliances – Do your bit to spread the word.

It was Gas Safety Week last week and the Gas Safe Register released a new Infographic highlighting results of their research on the most vulnerable people in our community when it comes to gas safety.

Their campaign poses the question ‘Are your vulnerable relatives ready for winter’ and encourages the public to assist older friends and relatives by helping them avoid gas dangers in their home and get their appliances checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

You can access the Infographic from the Gas Safe Website here

This is another great piece of content to send to your customers – helping to raise awareness of the dangers of gas safety and prompt them (and us!) to speak to our older friends and relatives about gas safety.

VanCert customers can find a great new marketing template in their ‘Communications’ folder to send to customers.

New Infographic from Adey Magnaclean – 5 Reasons to take care of boilers all year round

New research conducted by Adey Magnaclean (and reported in last week’s Installer Online) has revealed that a spike in showering due to the warmer weather could be placing an unnoticed strain on the nation’s boilers.

Adey’s research surveyed 2,000 home owners and found that 1 in 5 are more likely to shower more than once a day in the summer – up from 1 in 10 during the cooler winter months.

As the summer is theoretically the ‘quiet’ period in the Heating Industry’s calendar this is a great piece of marketing material to send to your domestic customers offering a summer service at a promotional discounted price.

The research also shows (quite worryingly) that more than a quarter of home owners have not had their boiler serviced in the last 12 months which is another reason to be showing this to your customers and promting them to book a service!

John Vaughan, Chief Executive of Adey commented “Our research shows there is a real opportunity for installers and heating engineers to remind their customers of the importance of regular boiler servicing and Adey’s Best Practice approach for system protection, to maintain their home comforts all year round.”


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VanCert was first designed as a tool for servicing and maintenance work, meaning multiple short-duration jobs throughout the day. As it has evolved, many customers require the ability to create jobs over multiple days for installation work etc. VanCert’s new release now allows you to create multi-day jobs from the web portal. Rather than just selecting the day, job slot and duration, you can now set a starting day and slot, followed by an end day and end time. This gives you the ability to book the job over multiple days.

Just as before, by default a new job will still be set for 1 hour on one day, but you now have much more flexibility to create jobs with various lengths – whether half an hour or half a week.  

Below you can see an example of the job creation page, where we have an installation starting on Monday at 8am and ending on Friday at 12pm.

multi day job

The wall planner has also been edited to reflect this new functionality. The image below demonstrates all of the new features recently added. You will see the job we have created, starting on Monday at 8am and ending on Friday at 12pm. When a job spans over several days, just as with most standard calendars, it will span the top of the middle days with arrows either side indicating that it continues before and after this day. In order to differentiate between these multi day jobs and Any Time jobs, you can see on Tuesday that Any Time jobs are identified by the dark green ‘Any Time’ tag. You can see there is also an Engineer Event on Friday at 12 when the engineer finishes this job. 


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At VanCert, we’re all about making it easier for people to communicate with each other. Whether it’s admins with customers, engineers with admins or admins with engineers, VanCert facilitates communication, speeds up the transfer of information and saves you time and money.

Are you and your admins using all of the communication tools available to you when communicating with your engineers? We've already looked at Engineer Events and in this blog we’ll look at sending in-App messages to your engineers, as well as setting up prompts and reminders within jobs. In a following blog we’ll also look at sending down documents and photos to your engineers with a specific job.

In-App Messages: If you need to get a message over to you engineers, you can use the internal communication tool from the web portal. Like an email you can add a subject and your message, and send it to as many engineers as you need. The app will force them to read the message before they move onto their next task.


Prompts and Reminders: You may also want some prompts adding into the App, to remind your engineers to do certain things, such as confirm that they have added all materials, or that they have added travel time to job duration. You can add this customisable information in to a job, which will pop up for the engineer before they complete a job.


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At VanCert, we’re always looking for ways to be flexible for our clients, as we know that ‘standard’ doesn’t suit everyone’s needs.

More and more often, companies are starting to use VanCert and finding that they just need to capture a few extra details on a certificate that are specific to their company. For example, you may want to know where the meter is located, or whether anti-scold taps are present and checked.

With the VanCert system, we can add those specific questions into the App for you, and then add them onto your certificate so you have your own customized template for your organisation. Look at the example below…

customised 1



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