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Welcome to the VanCert Blog where we will keep you posted on all new updates, tips and industry related news.

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Recent blog posts

At VanCert we speak to many people who own Heating, Plumbing and Maintenance Companies who are thinking about implementing a job and engineer management system like VanCert into their business.

As small businesses start to grow, there are many pains that start to arise, one of those being the volume and management of customer data.

Being a loyal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) supporter, the answer to one question always surprises me when I ask...

Where are your customers stored?

If they are in a CRM system, great. You can effectively manage your customer relationships & communications in order to build and maintain relationships and generate more business.


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New & Improved Dashboard

Added Dashboard Features

We are proud to announce the release of two new features on a new and improved dashboard. After feedback from a large number of clients, the two features which consistently came up were the ability to instantly view which invoices were due and overdue payment, and which properties had upcoming services on their appliances.

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Bespoke Certificates are now available from VanCert

At VanCert we know very well that no two Companies (or Housing Associations) are the same.

Whilst many of our customers share many of the same business needs, each and every organisation does certain things in their own way. That’s why we are constantly trying to make our software as adaptable and customisable as possible to meet our customers’ needs.

For some time now we’ve given our customers the ability to capture additional information, and populate it into a customized certificate such as a CP12, on top of the standard information.

But more and more often we are taking on clients who would like their own documents to be built into the app - on top of the standard offerings.

That’s why we have put in a lot of hard work to make this much more affordable and efficient to achieve.


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If you’ve never tried this feature, you’re going to love it, and it could save you a ton of time…

VanCert is all about saving time, and it does so in so many ways. Mobile technology is brilliant, and we wouldn’t have a business without it. So we wanted to blog about a little time-saving trick which people absolutely love and often can’t believe they hadn't been using it already.

When you’re onsite and carrying out your work, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to carry on stopping to tap all of your notes into your mobile device? Like writing, typing can be time consuming, even if you seasoned texter. That’s why we’ve harnessed the technology that Apple and most Android devices provide, to allow you to simply speak your instructions and notes into your job reports.

People are often dubious when it comes to voice recognition, and you can hardly blame them - it used to be pretty awful. But now you will probably be very pleasantly surprised to see how accurate it is. Check out the short video below. Granted, the device may confuse one word for another every now again, requiring a quick correction, but the standard is constantly improving with every release.

So try it out on a few jobs, whenever you see the keyboard in a free type area, hit the microphone instead – we think you’ll love it!!


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Giving engineers and operatives the information they need to do a job properly is essential. The VanCert app gives engineers access to key information such as property details, customer contact details, landlord details, information on any risks associated with the property, appliance information, as well as full access to the property history and any certification previously completed.

As well as all of this detailed information available in the palm of your hand, VanCert also give you the option of sending down specific documents and photographs which relate to a particular job which could be vital for the engineer. From the job page on the web portal, you can simply upload any PDF documents or photographs (JPG) and these will be sent down to the engineer and are accessible from the job details page.

Let’s say an installer is going to install a new boiler in a property which has been surveyed by a colleague. The installer can easily go into the property record and download the survey report and view any photos taken by the surveyor. There may however, be some additional photos or documents sent over from your client which relate to the upcoming service and these can easily be shared with your engineer – see the screenshots below…

The administrator uploads the photos and pdf documents provided by the client, through the job page…

Upload docs


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