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Welcome to the VanCert Blog where we will keep you posted on all new updates, tips and industry related news.

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We are now coming out of the Heating Industry’s busiest period, and if you work in Maintenance and Repairs and aren’t using a job management software, it’s very likely it was quite painful for a number of reasons.

If you are overrun with paperwork and struggle when it gets busier, not only is it a stressful time for you and your staff, it can often mean that standards slip, service levels drop, customers being left unhappy and possibly even not requesting your services again.

Here are 3 Solutions to your 3 biggest problems this winter:

1. You can’t quickly schedule jobs and manage Engineers' Diaries;

If you are managing 3/4+ Engineers' diaries without a designated job management system, you will struggle.


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The next Customised Certificate available free from VanCert is the Legionella Risk Assessment Form which is now available for all VanCert customers. 

The new form will allow Engineers the ability to generate a Legionella Risk Assessment Certificate digitally from their devices. 

If you manage any water system within a building, VanCert’s Legionella Risk Assessment Certificate is a must to ensure all risks are identified and assessed thoroughly, all relevant control measures are put into place and advisory precautions documented and saved. 

Here is an example of a Legionella Risk Assessment Form which is now available to all VanCert customers.

VanCert Legionella Risk Assessent

  • Does your business spend twice the amount of time on admin than you do on selling & marketing?

  • Do you know who your top spending customers are?

  • Are you maximising the utilisation of your Engineers?

  • Are you managing your business pro-actively rather than re-actively?

Research from Worldplay has revealed 1 in 5 SME’s are still ‘operating in the dark’ using pen and paper to manage their business, with many struggling to plan for 2017 because they don’t have the tools to monitor company finances and make accurate business projections. Duncan Montgomery, tax partner at UK200Group member firm Whittingham Riddell stated..

“Once a business gets to a certain size, the owners cannot run it manually and the lack of systems improvement costs the business and the owner money and time. Recognising that early and moving on to a better business system that is more efficient and enables owners to make proper decisions based on real-time information, is critical to compete, particularly if your opposition is already there."

Maintenance VanCert


At VanCert we speak to lots of businesses who realise that they are overrun with paperwork and need to move to a new system, but are unsure of what type of system they need to solve their problems.


In November we announced the launch of our Customised Certificates which allows customers the ability to have bespoke certificates and documents programmed into the system and available for engineers to generate digitally from their devices.  

You can read the full blog here Bespoke Certificates are now available from VanCert.

Since then we have developed various customised Installation/Servicing & Commissioning Certificates for our customers, supporting them to become more efficient, professional and implement Industry best practice.

In the next few Blogs we will take a look at some of the most popular:

1. Heat Interface Unit Service 


If you are running a team of Engineers – and still using paper – this Blog is for you.

Below are some simple calculations based on the eradication of paper documents (certificates /time sheets) that will add substantial value to your business operations and prove the Return on Investment (ROI) for VanCert Job and Engineer Management System.

These time savings will be realised immediately.*Please bear in mind that there are lots more benefits than those listed below, this Blog is only focussing on the eradication of paper documents. 

Return On Investment:

Administrators: 2 Hours Per Week (minimum) at £10 per hour. (2 x 4) weeks = 8 Hours Per Month = £80 Per Month. VanCert Investment = £20 Per Month Per Engineer/Admin = 300% Return on Investment

Engineers: 2 Hours Per Week (minimum) at £20 per hour. (2 x 4) weeks = 8 Hours Per Month = £160 Per Month. VanCert Investment = £20 Per Month Per Engineer/Admin = 700% Return on Investment

Additional Top Level Company Cost Savings / Benefits:


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